Difference between glass beads and crystal beads

Difference between glass beads and crystal beads

I. Appearance difference

There is a big difference in appearance between glass beads and crystal beads. First of all, glass beads are usually 

cheaper than crystal beads. Glass beads don't look as crystal clear as crystal beads and have a smoother surface. 

But crystal beads, are more transparent, shiny, and of higher quality. Some crystal beads even have rainbow-colored reflective effects, which are unique points.

Second, the material difference

Glass beads and crystal beads are also made of different materials. Glass beads are made by melting and cooling 

raw glass, but crystal beads are made from natural crystal essences or synthetic crystals. Crystal beads are usually 

harder and less prone to scratching and breaking, while glass beads are more prone to cracking or damage. 

Therefore, if you want more durable beads, it is recommended to choose crystal beads.

C. Difference in Usage

In addition to the difference in appearance and material, glass beads and crystal beads also difference in their uses. 

Glass beads are mainly used for DIY crafts, decorations and ready-to-wear jewelry, and other home decorations. 

Crystal beads are mostly used for high-end occasions such as jewelry, accessories, and ornaments. Crystal beads   

are perfect for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and their fine jewelry that can bring a higher-end aesthetic to the table.

Overall, glass beads and crystal beads are distinctly different in appearance, material, and use. If you want to buy 

higher quality beads, it is recommended to choose crystal beads. Of course, if you are just doing DIY crafts or 

home decoration, glass beads are also a good choice. No matter which kind of beads, they can bring more 

beautiful colors to your life.

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