What is K9 glass material

What is K9 glass material

K9 glass is always called k9 crystals.

1, transmittance, refractive effect, hardness and texture is much higher than resin material. Molding is mainly cut,

 polished and pressed casting (requires a furnace).K9 material belongs to optical glass, crystal clear, so derived from

 a lot of K9 material as the processing object of the factory, they processed out of the product, in the market known as crystal glass products.

2, k9 material for artificial imitation crystal glass! Natural crystal did not distinguish what materials, natural formation, 

only the formation of the composition of the difference, like green ghost ah, red rabbit hair ah, titanium crystal ah, 

hair crystal ah, and so on, natural crystals do not make a very good process, only artificial plastic shapes will look 

good, Italian Swarovski is the most famous man-made crystals (plastic) product, better looking.

3, k9 crystal, is a kind of optical glass, because it is crystal clear, the market called crystal glass products. Because it 

doenot contain lead, so it can not be counted as crystal in the true sense. General crystal than k9 crystal hardness, 

and general crystal will be slightly harder than the hardness of the K9 crystal, so the crystal to scratch the surface of 

the glass will leave a trace, while the crystal is not damaged!



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