The small crafts made of glass beads

The small crafts made of glass beads

1.Glass pendant:Usually made of transparent or colored glass, it can be hung on necklaces as jewelry.

2. Glass beads: glass beads are made of heated and melted glass, often used in bracelets, necklaces and other 

jewelry production.

3. Glass vases: Glass vases can be containers of various shapes and sizes, used to hold flowers or for decoration.

4. Glass shelves: Glass shelves for dining tables or kitchens can play a role in protecting the desktop or cabinets, 

but also decorative.

5. Glass Sculpture: Glass sculpture is heated through the glass molding or cutting and carving, can show a variety 

of artistic shapes and three-dimensional structure.

6. Glass jewelry: such as glass animals, glass crystal balls and other small and exquisite glass jewelry, can be used 

as collectibles or gifts.

7. Glass lamps: Glass lamps are usually used for indoor or outdoor lighting decoration, which can be chandeliers, 

table lamps, wall lamps and other lighting fixtures of different shapes.

8. cellophane inlay: cut colored glass into different shapes, and then fixed with lead or copper wire on the lead, 

forming a variety of beautiful patterns, used to make cellophane inlay hanging panels, windows and other 

decorative items.

The above are just some common small crafts made of glass, in fact, there are many other ideas and shapes can be 

made out of glass!


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