Beaded Beads Different Material

Beaded Beads Different Material

Beading materials are: crystal, wood, agate, glass, amber and other materials.

The basic introduction of beads: beads, also known as: leaping beads, that is, with crystal, wood, agate, glass, 

amber and other texture beads, ingenuity, in recent years has gradually developed into a major category of 

handmade jewelry, beads has become another attention to the popularity of fashion and entrepreneurship 

and one of the shortcuts to wealth;

Commonly used beads material introduction:

Agate beads: agate is also known as the lucky gemstone, with a change in fortune, career prosperity of the 

symbolism. It is a kind of inexpensive semi-precious stones; coral beads: coral represents enthusiasm and passion, 

wear coral jewelry, can enhance the sex appeal of women; glazed beads: glazed beads have the transparency of 

glass, but because of the production process is special, has a more exquisite pattern than glass, more beautiful 

colors, with a good match can be worn out of a very fashionable jewelry.


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