Is it good to wear glass beaded bracelets in summer

Is it good to wear glass beaded bracelets in summer

First, the glass beaded jewelry in summer wear suitable or not suitable

Glass beaded jewelry is very suitable for wearing in summer. First of all, the material of the glass string is light and

airy, so wearing it will not give people a sense of pressure, wearing a glass string can add a sense of coolness in the 

hot weather of summer. Secondly, glass strings are mostly transparent or translucent color, can be matched with a 

variety of summer clothes, adding a sense of beauty.

Second, how to select and wear glass strings

1. The right size: glass strings should be the right size, not too tight and long, so as not to wear discomfort. 

Selection needs to pay attention to the wrist size and length of the string.

2. Attention to detail: glass strings are relatively fragile, need to be held lightly to avoid collision and wear and 

tear. In addition, glass strings avoid contact with water, in order to prevent damage from falling off.

3. Match with appropriate: Glass strings can be matched with various summer clothes, such as refreshing T-shirts,

 shorts or dresses. You need to pay attention to the color of the strings in order to make the whole look more


Third, the advantages of glass-beaded jewelry 

1. good breathability: glass strings are mostly made of glass, light and airy, not tight and not constrained, wear up

 will not feel stuffy.

2. Color variety: glass strings are mostly transparent or translucent color, the color is elegant, elegant.

3. high degree of aesthetics: glass strings have a beautiful appearance, can be matched with a variety of 

collocations, and increase the sense of fashion.

【Summary】 Glass strings in the summer are a good accessory, lightweight and breathable and beautiful and 

practical. As long as you pay attention to the details, the right size, the right match and pay attention to maintenance, you can wear out their charm.


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