Materials of Bead Beads

Materials of Bead Beads

Bead beads are made of a great variety of materials, including the following types:

Wooden beads. Common woods include small-leaf rosewood, Hainan yellow rosewood incense wood, red pine wood and cliff cypress. Bead strings made of these materials not only have unique colors and textures, but may also 

emit a distinctive fragrance.

Bodhi. Including vajra bodhi, star moon bodhi and phoenix eye bodhi, these bodhi seeds are carefully polished 

and pierced, and are commonly used to make Buddha beads, which have religious and cultural values.

Jade. Such as jadeite , agate , and Hetian jade , etc. Bead strings made of these materials have a warm texture

 and brilliant color, and are regarded as auspicious objects with the function of warding off and repelling evil 


Gemstones. Including turquoise , beeswax, etc., bead strings made of these materials have special meanings and

 effects in Buddhism.

Metals. Such as gold, silver, copper, etc., as well as some special metal materials such as giant clams , glaze , 

etc., the metal bead strings give people a sense of nobility and solemnity.

Natural stone. Such as agate, quartz, amethyst  and so on, have unique energy and beautiful appearance.

Artificial stones. Including quartz sand, synthetic crystals, hot-pressed synthetic stones, artificial amber, etc., which

are relatively more affordable.

Glass. Includes clear glass, colored glass, and bead-encrusted glass for a translucent, vibrant appearance.

Plastic. Includes resin, acrylic, silicone, etc., inexpensive and in a variety of colors ref.

Ceramic . Has a smooth, rounded surface with random color halos.

In addition, there are bamboo and wood (such as rosewood, camphor, etc.), coral, and other types (such as glass, giant clams, etc.). The choice of bead strings not only depends on the material, but also involves personal preference, budget and cultural background.


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