The Difference Between Artificial and Natural Crystals

The Difference Between Artificial and Natural Crystals

Crystals are something very special and they have many unique characteristics. For example, natural crystals usually exhibit colorful hues, which is rarely the case with man-made crystals.

1: Natural Crystal

Natural crystals are an amazing mineral in nature that has a variety of peculiar characteristics. Crystals can produce colorful, sparkling, crystalline and beautiful scenery; while man-made crystals can only produce ordinary white light or black and white glass products, whose value is not even comparable to that of general plastic materials. Natural crystals are mainly composed of silica, while man-made crystals are dominated by quartz sand, there are significant differences in the chemical composition of the two.

From the appearance of natural crystals are generally round or oval, smooth and flat surface; and man-made crystals in a variety of colors, transparent and colorless, light blue, green and purple, dark green and so on.

From the density point of view, natural crystals are lighter than man-made crystals, so they are easier to handle and transport. In addition, because natural crystal deposits are fewer and more difficult to mine, it is also relatively expensive.

2: Artificial Crystal

Artificial crystals are made by artificial methods and are often referred to as glass. With its hard, smooth texture and brilliant colors, glass is one of the common materials used in making jewelry.

Glass has good abrasion resistance and heat resistance, is not easy to corrode, and can effectively prevent moisture from gathering on the surface of jewelry. At the same time, glass has a strong ability to conduct electricity, which can be used to create a variety of beautiful and unique decorations.

Artificial crystals are generally categorized into two types: quartz crystals and glass crystals. Quartz crystal is processed with natural crystals through a special process, has a high refractive index, elegant and chic appearance; glass crystal is based on silicon dioxide as raw material, after a careful selection of cutting methods, with advanced equipment for fine grinding, polishing and other processes to obtain the product. In short, both natural and man-made crystals have their own unique charm and value. If you want to buy beautiful, fashionable jewelry cut inexpensive crystal, then glass crystal should be a good choice!

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