The meaning of beaded beads of different numbers

The meaning of beaded beads of different numbers

Stringing beads of different numbers, the meaning is also different, the following is the meaning of a better number of pieces: 12

1. Representing "everything", often used by people as "transit beads", meaning smooth sailing, a lifetime of good luck.

3. Symbol of "body, mouth and mind", implying that all things are complete.

12. Symbolizing "twelve karma", meaning good cause and good effect.

18. Symbolizing "eighteen sons", meaning good fortune and wealth, an auspicious number and easy to carry.

21pcs. Symbolizing the "21 steps to Buddhahood", which means rising up step by step.

27. Symbolizing the "27 Sages of Buddhism", implying wealth of learning.

36. Belongs to the "simplified version of 108", symbolizing good luck and happiness, simplifying complexity into simplicity, and the truth of seeing the big in the small.

54 pieces. Symbolizing "54 stages of enlightenment", meaning enlightenment and epiphany.

108. Symbolizing "eliminating 108 kinds of worries", it means to be free from suffering and achieve a state of silence, implying a carefree life and a stable body and mind.


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