What's beaded beads could weaving for?

What's beaded beads could weaving for?

Beads can be made into a variety of crafts, including but not limited to: 12

  1. Decorations: such as caterpillar beaded toys, cell phone charms, key pendants, home decorations, etc.

  2. Jewelry: including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, corsages, etc. You can use different colors of beads to make personalized jewelry.

  3. Living goods: such as ladies' bags, cell phone charms, pen holders, tissue boxes, vases, pendants, coin pouches and so on.

  4. Toys: beaded toys, such as children's educational toys, can let the baby DIY their own toy shape.

  5. Creative gifts: can be used as household living items, or as gifts for relatives and friends, with certain collection value.

  6. Other specialty items: such as peace charms, photo frames, car cushions, water bottles, card holders, and fortune trees.

Beads are made of various materials, including crystal, wood, agate, glass, amber, etc. These materials can be used in combination to create colorful crafts

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