Beaded crafts production methods

Beaded crafts production methods

With the development of the times, more and more types of beads, the production 

process is more and more complex, bead art jewelry varieties are also more and more rich, from jade to crystal, coral,

 glass we can make them into a variety of works of art, give innovation, meaning deep and long. So what are the 

methods of making beaded crafts?

Threading beads is one of the most important steps in the process of making beaded handicrafts, from the simplest

 pendants, strawberries to more complex roses, flowers, apples and all kinds of handicrafts.

From the simplest pendants, strawberries to more complex roses, apples and a variety of crafts, all rely on a common 

thread to string them together. There are many different ways to thread beads, depending on the item being threaded. 

We'll introduce you to some of the simpler and more basic methods of beading.

Bead Craft Method 1 String Threading Method

We will first introduce you to how to thread beads. Threading is the simplest way to thread beads, generally used 

with some necklaces, bracelets, etc., because the threading technique is simple and easy to learn, it is more suitable for 

beginners to learn. The method of threading beads has many kinds of methods, such as single threading, double threading, etc. 

When single threading, just thread the beads in sequence, the choice of beads is also based on the needs of the producer, 

you can choose the same beads, you can also choose different beads, when choosing different beads, there are many ways 

to choose different beads, the beads can be gradual change, or repetitive, and, in addition, we can also thread the beads 

in a double line, with the Compared with the single-wire ones, the double-wire variations are more varied and rich in variety. 

We can thread the beads on two separate threads to make it two rows, or we can combine the two threads together 

and thread a single bead. When wearing threaded beads, we should pay attention to the fact that in order to prevent

 the beads from falling off, the two sides of the thread must be knotted, and it is best to fix it with a screw fastener 

after wearing it. After mastering the basic threading method of threaded beads, we can also wear some small 

decorations on beads, such as we can add a small pendant on the beads or combine the braiding method of our traditional 

Chinese knots to make a Chinese knot on the beads, which will evolve into more variations.

Beaded Crafts Making Method 2 Faceted Threading Method

After introducing the threading method, we will introduce you to the faceted threading method, the faceted threading 

method can generally be used to make bead bags and some other flat beaded jewelry, we will first talk about a few basic methods of threading beads. One is how to connect the beads into a piece, another is how to set the edge on the basis of connecting a piece, and the third is how to make a cylinder, we will introduce the first one to you first. The most basic method of preparing beads is even number of beads, what is called even number of beads, we first wear eight beads, in order to easily distinguish in the process of the next edge, to choose four red, four yellow, yellow wear odd, red wear even, two kinds of beads spaced apart from each other, this is the first line, in order to let you see clearly, we first put the first line of beads with a needle fixed up. In wearing the second row, we first put on a yellow bead, cross the first yellow bead, from the first red bead inside, and then put on a yellow bead, from the second red bead bead hole, so on and so on, each time wear an even number of beads, this is called the even number of beads wearing method. When wearing, pay attention to the line must be pulled tight, beads and beads can not leave a gap between, so wear out more beautiful. After wearing the second line, the third line should be the opposite of the second line, each time with red beads, from the yellow beads through, so that has been wearing down, with the same method of repeated weaving, you need how much area you wear how long, and finally you can wear into a surface. After wearing the beads into a face, we also want to set an edge around the face, this time we have to change the color of the beads, let's change a blue bead, first wear a blue bead, from the edge of the face of the first red bead bead holes through, from the second bead bead holes through, and then wear a bead, from the second bead bead holes through, from the third bead bead holes through, pay attention to wear when Be sure to pull the thread tight to prevent the beads from being too loose and affecting the aesthetics. In this way and so on, the edge can be set.


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